Cram – Reduce Image Size Not the Quality

Cram appAre you low on storage? Do you have lot of images but you don’t want to delete them? Are you reluctant to store your images on cloud storage because of privacy issues? Well, you don’t have to worry at all now. The all new Cram “The Ultimate” Compressor is here to save the day for you. Cram is basically an image compressing application but in reality it is quite different from the traditional image compressing applications.

The one thing that sets apart Cram from other application is that it compresses images but it does not affect the image quality. Yes, you heard it right! If you are low on storage, then this application will definitely free up some space for you by compressing the selected images but it will not affect the image quality at all!!

Cram – Reduce Pictures is very simple and easy to use application. When you will start this application for the first time it will take you through a step by step tutorial. You can either skip this tutorial or go through it in order to understand the application.

Once you are done with the tutorial, click on cram it and tap start to initiate the image compression. Application will now ask you to select the images from your gallery. Select the desired images and let this amazing application do some wonders for you. Once the image compression process is completed, you can completely delete the original images from your gallery to free up some space.

The setting menu offers a lot of different options. It gives you the freedom to set the quality of the compressed image, allow CRAM to automatically compress the images as soon as you capture them, also gives the option to auto delete the original images once they are compressed and much more.

Cram; a very useful application comes with option to compress only 300 images with the free version. You can spend some money to compress more images. Moreover, if you give them a shout out on Twitter they will allow you to compress 100 more images free of cost.

For us this application came out as a surprise. We have used different image compressing application on Android in past but CRAM is definitely the best. It reduces the size by 50% and does not affect the quality of image! This is amazing!

App is available on Google Play and iOS “App Store”.

Cell Phone Tracker (GPS Locator App)

After long time we decided to review this cell phone tracking software which can locate any phone using GPS satellites and show you its right location on a map shown in a screen of this application. Including all details such as street address, meters or kilometers (miles) away from you, does it in a move or not, everything!

Cell Phone TrackerThe program is coded and supported for all modern devices nowadays, including both mobile phones ‘smartphones’ and desktop computers, PC and Mac. Mobile operating systems which can run this tool are Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. System requirements are not needed to mention here because the cell phone tracker will work on any smartphone today and doesn’t require big specifications your device need to have installed inside

How to use this app?
It’s very simple to use mobile tracker. Your first step will obviously be to download and install the app on your phone or computer. To do this scroll a bit below where link is. Next after you installed it on your machine, open the tool and then enter a phone number of mobile phone you’d like to find location. Enter number and click the button inside application to begin tracking process. After approximately minute or two your desired phone location will be shown on a map displayed inside app screen with a blinking spot where a device is. Any country in the world is supported to get shown in this software, so you don’t have to worry about your desired cell phone will get lost, anywhere!

To download the cell phone tracker tool click here to get it directly from its official website. You can get it for FREE there using this special code what you’ll need to enter while installing the app. Copy CODE: “MediaAccessTracker” (Without quotes)

This program can be useful and help people in many ways. There are many situations when children get kidnapped or just lost, and since this is 21st century when even minors have mobile phones, you can easily find where they are using this tool. There are many another examples as well, like some jealous relationship partners wants to know where their girlfriend or boyfriend is and does they cheat on each other with flirting someone else, they can simply use phone tracker app to know where your girlfriend is. Or wife, husband… Examples are never endless. Just think a little and find your reason, this app is just must have tool which anyone should have installed on your device software collection.

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Tools (Apps) to have for quality Instagram posting

We have all heard of Instagram. One of newest and rapidly growing social network which is getting more and more popular every day. To stick out between huge audience and show your quality, you need to have tools by side which will help your photos and videos to look more professional.
But be aware there are dangerous applications too which can steal your password, such as Instagram Hack one is. These ones can just be binded in some “legit” looking apps. So always make sure to check out feedback page before installing any app which is not that well known.

We have made a little effort and found you a best apps for iOS and Android devices which will help your Instagram media files to look better. Follow and learn (If you don’t know for these already 🙂

No Crop
NoCropThis app will help you to upload full sized photos to your Instagram profile, instead of adding a ‘squared’ ones which Instagram force you to add when uploading image to a feed. NoCrop can add white spaces on sides or top/bottom of images which will make them look wider/longer like full sized to your followers.

NoCrop for iOS | NoCrop for Android

Video Crop
VidepCropLike crop tool for images, there is one for vlogs as well. This simple and powerful app will do it’s job when it comes to resizing your video and selecting a right path which will get shown on Instagram. You can even zoom inside a large resolution videos and choose area which interests you to post.

Video Crop for iOS | VidTrim for Android

Notepad tool (Already included in every mobile phone)
NotesThis will be just for pre-adding text which you gonna add either to your Instagram bio or image/video descriptions. Why first add text here? Because if you immediately add if to Instagram and if it’s gonna be larger one, you can’t select New line option. If you ask me that’s one big mistake for IG for not allowing this, but OK. This is solution to fix it.

That’s it guys. If you can recommend some more useful apps like these which can make using Instagram experience better feel free to post your thoughts in comments below!

Hello World – Introduction to Media Access blog

Howdy everyone! We have just decided to open one more technology related blog on internet. Within thousands of already existing ones on a web, we will try to give our best and share all of our knowledge about computers (PC and MACs), mobile phones tweaking and other stuff like software knowledge and so with you.
Gadgets coverHere at this portal we are going to share various tech things and news with you, including for example programs & apps reviews or ‘how to’ tutorials, games reviews and our professional opinions, hardware recommendations. For example many guys are searching for someone thoughts what laptop to buy for gaming, what for business etc. We will be very pleased to help you here and provide our detailed guides to learn you all you want to know about a new gadget you’d like to buy for yourself or someone as a gift.

Whats this site used to be in past is media access control (MAC) place where there was tutorials and guides for Apple‘s operating system users. There they could find helpful articles to optimize and fix various problems with their OS. A forum are was there too as well. After their owner abandoned this domain and decided to not run this website anymore, we have noticed it’s available again and decided to open it for ourselves for purposes we added in first paragraph we explained you above.

That’s it for now folks. This was just our introduction to what we’re planning to do here, so you can know. If you stop by here and read this post, we would much appreciate if you could bookmark this site and visit it regularly to follow up our guides, tutorials and other posts about computing and media world. Until next post, we wish you a great day to enjoy!